Heaven Sent

How precious...even more so, when cuddled around tiny toes. A year from now, these could be worn on the feet of the newest member of your family - a little one of your own. You can work toward making this a reality. You can let nature take its course. Or, give nature a little nudge in your direction. Maximize your opportunity for conception with the Maybe Baby Ovulation Tester. It’s easy to use and provides results within minutes, by giving you an accurate window of days during which you are at your most fertile. A non-invasive test using your saliva on the reusable testing device is all it takes. It’s simple, affordable,  and an accurate way to determine the best time to plan for an addition to your family. Pink? Or blue? You might want to buy that book of baby names, too. With the Maybe Baby Tester, you may be making these decisions a lot sooner that you thought.