My Ovulation Story - Sarah M.

At Maybe Baby Tester we are always happy to hear how well our product is working for our customers. Occasionally we get a nice letter like the one we got from Sarah in Michigan.
Eight years ago, I made a decision tons of women make everyday. I was getting married in a few months, so it was time to get on hormonal birth control (HBC). 'Cause that's just what you're supposed to do, right? There was a transition period getting on HBC. Three months of nausea, mood swings and general yuckiness to avoid pregnancy. My husband and I knew we wanted children eventually. Like a lot of couples, we wanted a few years of married life without kids. But the longer I was on HBC, the more uncomfortable we both became. We learned about possible abortifacient properties. We discovered that I was at an increased risk for developing blood clots while on HBC. And generally speaking, I didn't like how it seemed to impact my moods. So a few months before we were to begin trying to conceive, I got off of the Pill. At that time I began researching Natural Family Planning (NFP) and Fertility Awareness Method (FAM) as an alternative to hormonal birth control or barrier methods for contraception post-pregnancy. Both use charting of body signs in specific protocols to help a woman determine when she is fertile and use that information to either attempt conception or avoid it. Following the birth of our first child, we began navigating the murky waters of postpartum fertility. And since I had not learned a specific NFP method at that point, I relied on the not very reliable calendar or rhythm method. We got a positive pregnancy test just a few months later. Fast forward another year, and we were once again postpartum limbo. Fortunately by that time I had learned a great deal more about fertility, body signs, cycles and the like. I regularly chart changes in cervical mucus throughout my cycle, and we have been able to successfully avoid pregnancy for almost four years. Recently, I have been able to add a cross-check to my charting by utilizing the saliva fertility test. This is a daily sample of saliva (first thing in the morning before food or drink) viewed on a hand-held microscope. The presence of a ferning patterns indicates an increase in estrogen and the body attempting to ovulate. This has been both fascinating and easy to add to my charting. I wish I had a tool like this sooner! Sarah M.
Thank you Sarah! We are so glad that we are a part of your ovulation journey! - Maybe Baby