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The Maybe Baby Saliva Ovulation Tester

Our saliva fertility tester is a high-quality microscope designed to help pinpoint the fertile period in a woman's cycle. Unlike urine-based tests, Maybe Baby works using a small sample of saliva to determine if a ferning pattern is present. Ferning is a result of the increased salivary salt levels that occur as the body's estrogen rises in preparation for and during ovulation. This is the fertile period.

Positive fern pattern means you are fertile! Thanks Maybe Baby

  • Why the Maybe Baby Saliva Fertility Tester is better than urine-based tests:
    • Reusable. Simply wipe the lens with a soft, lint-free cloth or one of the included sterile wipe. Once clean, it is ready to use again.
    • Saves money. For couples actively trying to conceive, the Maybe Baby Tester is similar in price to just a few months supply of urine-based tests or testing strips. And since Maybe Baby is reusable for a lifetime, the same microscope can be used for future conception. It won't expire!
    • Cleaner. No urine collection, no dipping test strips. Just a small sample of saliva on the lens of your Maybe Baby.
    • Small, portable and discrete. Maybe Baby is similar in size and shape to a standard tube of lipstick.
    • High-quality. Maybe Baby features the same type of high-quality lens used for contact lenses. The image is sharper and viewing field larger than other testers. The lens is also permanently sealed to keep out dust and other particles, so your image is always accurate. 
    • Long-lasting, corrosion resistant, and easy to replace button cell batteries.  These batteries are widely available in stores.
    • Maybe Baby Tester is guaranteed for life and includes a lifetime replacement warranty.
Who is the Maybe Baby Fertility Tester intended for?
  1. For couples who want children.
  2. For couples who want children, but have a problem and need to know when conception is most probable (secondary sterility).
  3. For women with an irregular cycle.
  4. For couples who want to lead their intimate life without stress.

Know your body! The Maybe Baby Easy Saliva Ovulation Tester is a re-usable mini-microscope that helps you identify your most fertile days and the ideal time to conceive.

Don’t be one of the 1 out 6 couples that are having difficulty conceiving. Take back control of your fertility with the Maybe Baby Saliva Fertility Tester.

Like the laboratory tests that inspired it, Maybe Baby Saliva Fertility Tester measures the link between estrogen and the salt levels in your saliva. As ovulation approaches, your estrogen levels increase and this increases the salinity (salt levels) of your saliva.

  • Each tester is shipped domestically from our Michigan USA warehouse and manufactured in Europe to the highest standards.
  • Shipping is always FREE to the lower 48 states, transit time is typically 5-7 days.

    * not a form of Contraception